Winter Scent Wax Melts


Winter Scent Wax Melts


Ready to ship end of November.

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These cubes will provide just the right mood for whatever you're feeling. 

Scent descriptions below. The fragrances are phthalate-free and provide great scent throw. Burn time is about 20 hours for the full pack.

Mix and match cubes to customize your own Locust + Ash scent.

Perfect for plug-in and tea-light warmers.


  • Dark Incense: vetiver, cypress, incense. Deep, mysterious, sensual.

  • Bow + Arrow: running around the crackling campfire, or inside a warm cabin with the fire blazing. Cozy.

  • Frosted Birch: A perfect scent to take you through winter. Black plum, pine needles, cypress trees, and frosted birchwood blend for a warm and energizing wintry scent.

  • Bear Skin Rug: Sexy dark suede, tobacco, woods, and a shot of patchouli make an intoxicating mix for a night in front of the fire. Is it bare skin or bear skin? You figure it out.

  • Cashmere Sweater: tobacco flower, woods, and a hint of rum. Sweet and earthy, wraps you in warmth.

  • Spiked Cider: autumn spice, crisp apple, candied apricot and a little rum. Yum.

  • Mistletoe Martini: Think gin, juniper + mistletoe berries, cranberries, and figs. Zing.

  • Bourbon Butterscotch: Exactly what you think. Rich and warm. Mmmm.

  • Winter White Cosmo: Just like the drink: white cranberry, lime, Cointreau, Vodka. Refreshing and bright.


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Follow all instructions provided with your warmer. Do not add water, do not use on stove-top or non-approved warmers, do not burn with less than 1/2" of wax in warmer. 

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