All in One Shampoo + Beard + Body Bar


All in One Shampoo + Beard + Body Bar


This one has just been reformulated to be more conditioning and moisturizing.

All in One Bars are just that: one bar that is designed for cleansing the hair, face, body, and beard. They also serve up great slip for shaving.
This is mainly formulated as a shampoo bar and beard wash. There are luxury additives like silk aminos and vegetable-based proteins for strong, smooth hair. Add in my secret weapon for thick lather and you've got it all.

It rinses clean, no conditioner necessary, and best of all: no poufy hair! You can use less or no product what-so-ever and still have that sexy bedhead look. It's above and beyond a typical shampoo bar. It will not strip your hair of all it's glory and it is really nice on dry skin and scalp. 

(Ladies, this is really for those of us who have shorter hair. Give it a shot if you have long hair (5" or longer), but I think you'll find it's more work to run through those locks than a liquid.)


Get it!

Note: this is a luxury bar. It has a lower melt point due to the added conditioners, so please keep it out of direct shower spray and don't let it sit in a dish getting goopy. To ensure a long lasting bar, allow it to drain and dry between uses if at all possible. 

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