New dry oil formula— out of beta mode and on your face!

this is not a helper in my lab, this is a stock photo of some hunky guy making a nice wax and oil mash up. .

this is not a helper in my lab, this is a stock photo of some hunky guy making a nice wax and oil mash up. .

Hey everyone,

Some of you tested my new formula and gave me great feedback. I have decided to stick with this new ratio of raw ingredients and see how it does in the wild.

  • What’s new? Well, not much in the way of what’s in it. I still use just a few pure ingredients: hemp butter, horsetail butter, sweet almond oil, and wax. What is new about it is that I messed with the ratios to give the dry oil a more “butter” feel, as opposed to a “balm.”

  • What does that mean? It means the formula is easier to scoop out, easier to warm up, and easier to apply. All the same benefits for less work.

  • Anything else? KInda. You’ll notice a different finish to the formula, sometimes it looks like a little “frost” has spread on top of the dry oil. Also, since the formula isn’t as hard, you may notice a slight gritty feel when you scoop it. That melts away with the warmth of your fingers and hands as you emulsify and apply it. That’s it!

Same hold, same skin conditioning benefits, same lasting performance, same scents, in a much softer application for your skin and beard. (Remember to massage into your skin to stop itchiness!!!)

That’s good news for the dry, cold, brutal winter air we are about to endure. Keep that face protected!

Feedback, as always, is appreciated and welcome. Comment below if you feel inspired.

Beard Dry Oil gets a makeover.

Do you see all of that green goodness in the bottom tin? That's the new formula and that is total nourishment for your skin and beard. It's still hemp based, but now it has horsetail butter added.
I'll do a blog post on the wonders of the new stuff, but for now, just let me tell you, Green is Good! Your beard (if you have one) will benefit as always from the hemp butter, but your skin will be transformed with the addition of horsetail. So by all means, use it as an aftershave if you are a guy who prefers to be clean-shaven.

NEW formula All in One Bars are here


Here it is! A hemp based shampoo, beard and body wash bar with luxury additives like silk aminos and vegetable-based proteins for strong, smooth locks. Plus--my secret weapon for thick, heavy, manly lather. 

This new formula rinses clean but does not leave your hair stripped of all oils and poufy. Nope. It's like you've got second-day bedhead...but you're all clean.

Yes, this is the same label, but don't worry... they will get a makeover asap

Whiskey + Tobacco debuts at EarthQuaker Day in Akron

EarthQuaker Day August 6, 2016.  This was the debut of Whiskey + Tobacco Beard Dry Oil. It was a hit and out-sold the #1 Coffee + Leather that day. We also got to hand out our super rad stickers in place of business cards (the liner backing has our info on it). What do you prefer? Stickers or biz cards when you need some contact info for us?


Special packaging for The Cleveland Crate Co.

Click the photo to visit The Cleveland Crate Co.

Click the photo to visit The Cleveland Crate Co.

We met the lovely Stacie of The Cleveland Crate Co. and she commissioned us to make our first ever travel sizes of All in One Wash for shampoo, beard and body, our Face Fix moisturizer and our Coffee + Leather Dry Oil which she looooooooved and still wears as perfume. They are a handy size for travel or to try out something new, and the products have multiple uses for your grooming routine.