Photoshoot for Cleveland Magazine


In December, Locust + Ash will be featured in the Shop Talk column of Cleveland Magazine, just in time for the holiday season. I'm very flattered that they contacted me and wanted to do such an involved, fun shoot!

You'll see some of our trial size beard wash, trial size aftershaves and our other regular offerings in the background of the shot. They wanted to shoot me giving a shave, since I'm Barber to the Stars. I said sure!!!! Makes sense, no?

Remember, I'm not only the creator, I'm also a barber. LOL. How did that Hair Club for men tagline go????? Well, get the idea. We had a really good time with Heather from Heather Campbell Photography and the crew at Daugherty Hair Company.

Fun fact: Steve (owner of Daugherty) and I were in barber school together. And my model is Jason, a barber I went to school with, also. We all worked our first barbering jobs together not too far from Steve's current shop. It was like a barber school reunion today. So much fun!

Heyooooo! Your favorite barbershop has t-shirts for ya.


Yes, t-shirts are here!!! This is kind of a rushed shot but the storefront window looks better in person, promise! Stop by and get a shirt. They are super soft and comfy and they were made LOCALLY by Liquid Custom Apparel.

Support local businesses and get ready to shop small this month. Your barbershop loves you.

We're about to launch!

Here's a shot from the article in yesterday's Ticket all about "new" businesses in Downtown Canton, and of course, I'm #1 (wink). Obviously my barbershop isn't new but what is?

I am going to launch my men's grooming line Locust + Ash officially on First Friday, November 7. This is a nice little write-up about what I'm up to next and ... just in time for all that holiday gift-giving for hard-to-please guys. They will love it whether they shave or have a glorious beard. I've got it all and it is barber-crafted, client-approved. My most unique product is a beard oil, but with a twist. I've even got a tattoo balm if you plan on giving a tattoo gift card to your special person; they will need some top-notch after care for their new ink. 

Oh, and ladies, this line is all unisex with multiple uses, and women love the scents. Come see me on Friday!