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The Dapper Man tin by Nsidethebox

The Dapper Man tin by Nsidethebox

I’ve been included in a really great project from local gifting maven Pam Neff.

She has created the “Dapper Man” tin filled with Locust + Ash shaving products. The “tin” is actually a paint can and it’s so much fun, I am a wee bit mad I didn’t think of it myself!

Please visit her site, Nsidethebox the next time you need a unique gift for the guy or gal who has it all. The holidays are coming, kids. The timing could not be more perfect to share this with you all!

Here’s the cool part: you’re making a difference. You’re not only making someone’s day by giving one of Pam’s unique boxes, you’re supporting indie folks:

Our gift boxes are designed to give back. Each box contains products that support various organizations and charities that are making a positive change.

So here’s how you’re helping: since you have so loyally supported me, I am able to give L + A products to Pam at a discount so she can support her mission. You all are in the loop by shopping indie, and you are making a difference. Keep it up and thank you as always.