Get ready for manflu and sinus season!


The shower steamers have made a comeback. Reimagined.

I’ve gotten so many requests for the old shower steamers: pucks of essential oils that fizz when hot, steamy shower spray hits them. The healing vapors rise up and relax and relieve pressure. Ahhh. Yes. But they were soooo hard to ship; crumbling and not being too lovely to look at, yet still effective. No fun. Those got 86’d off the menu.

But now! All you need is a nice wax warmer and you are in business. Little cubes that pack a powerful punch of healing vapors are ready for your next bout of manflu or sinus congestion hell.

  • If you’re not sure what a wax warmer is, here is a link (no affiliate stuff going on, it’s a Target link)

Pop a couple of cubes on top (I like to mix them both to get allll the benefits when I’m down for the count) and get ready to relax and breathe easier.

These are “curing” right now, which means they will be at full strength by the end of November. You can preorder or just keep it on your wish list for winter.

I’ll be making more varieties as well, like relaxation, headache, sleep time, and energizing. Let me know which you’d prefer!

New dry oil formula— out of beta mode and on your face!

this is not a helper in my lab, this is a stock photo of some hunky guy making a nice wax and oil mash up. .

this is not a helper in my lab, this is a stock photo of some hunky guy making a nice wax and oil mash up. .

Hey everyone,

Some of you tested my new formula and gave me great feedback. I have decided to stick with this new ratio of raw ingredients and see how it does in the wild.

  • What’s new? Well, not much in the way of what’s in it. I still use just a few pure ingredients: hemp butter, horsetail butter, sweet almond oil, and wax. What is new about it is that I messed with the ratios to give the dry oil a more “butter” feel, as opposed to a “balm.”

  • What does that mean? It means the formula is easier to scoop out, easier to warm up, and easier to apply. All the same benefits for less work.

  • Anything else? KInda. You’ll notice a different finish to the formula, sometimes it looks like a little “frost” has spread on top of the dry oil. Also, since the formula isn’t as hard, you may notice a slight gritty feel when you scoop it. That melts away with the warmth of your fingers and hands as you emulsify and apply it. That’s it!

Same hold, same skin conditioning benefits, same lasting performance, same scents, in a much softer application for your skin and beard. (Remember to massage into your skin to stop itchiness!!!)

That’s good news for the dry, cold, brutal winter air we are about to endure. Keep that face protected!

Feedback, as always, is appreciated and welcome. Comment below if you feel inspired.