Let's talk about accessories and what not. I always have customers asking if I have shave mugs, brushes, beard combs, and razors. The short answer is no, not at the moment. Read on for the long answer.

Why don't I carry these accoutrements? I would love to. I am so small, though, that in order for me to have these items in my inventory, I would have to guess what you like, guess what you would use the most, guess what will sell and in what time frame. In short, I don't have the market research on my clientele yet. I do know that over the last 2 years or so, I have gotten very few requests for these items. They are readily available from local sellers, online shops and everything in between.

I decided I will compile a list of suppliers here for you and when I do get enough capital and information on what my clients are looking for, I will definitely have some on hand. Right now, it's faster and easier for you to jump to one of these links and get exactly what you want!

I will leave you with this little tip: my mug soaps are able to fit any size mug.  If the puck is too big or too small for your mug, and it won't lay in the bottom or moves around too much do this: cut it into little chunks and microwave it for 10-15 seconds at a time (don't let it boil!!!). It will melt into the shape of your mug and you'll be all set. Give it a little stir after melting to make sure nothing separated.  If your mug isn't microwave-safe, find a container that is and do the melting in there. Then just pour into your mug to set up.  This is a great way to use cool, vintage mugs that may not have been purposed for shaving but are meaningful to your guy. Shop the thrift and vintage stores that are local to you and get a bowl or a mug and stock up on my mug soap. DONE!


Shaving Brushes and Mugs on Etsy

Classic Shaving


These are two great resources. One for handmade and one for one-stop-shopping.