What is beard Dry Oil and why do you need it?

The "dry" in Beard Dry Oil refers to the absorption rate of the butters and oils used: the faster the drier. The reason I decided to make a "dry" oil formula in a solid form is easy: market testing.  I concocted and tested quite a few versions of beard oils, beard balms and beard wax. The Dry Oil got the best feedback.

I have a wonderful liquid beard oil recipe. In fact, I'll share it with you in my next post. You can whip it up and use it (sparingly) and see what you think. I don't make a beard oil for sale, because I just don't see the benefits. Not to say there are big drawbacks, but I need to make products that work and work hard.

Even if you make your own beard oil, I think you'll still want to try the Dry Oil recipe. Why? It's made from dry oil butters, a light, water-soluble wax, and very little liquid oil,  You get better moisturizing with the heavier butters and the addition of the wax to hold them and that means less split ends and more growth if that's what you're after.  There are no petroleum products or beeswax, so it washes right out, but the light wax gives some control for those scraggly whiskers. You also won't have any oil transferring to your hands if you are touching that glorious beard all day...not to mention your significant other's face when you kiss. Hemp butter and horsetail butter are 2 of the "driest" butters you can use.

I worked as a barber for years and never liked when my hands felt slippery or greasy after using healing balms on my dry, cracked hands. In fact, I developed a lotion bar and a tattoo balm with "dry oils" long before the Beard Dry Oil just for those reasons. The transfer of oils to my shears and clippers was annoying (not to mention a little dangerous), and I found out that guys felt the same way. You don't need an oily keyboard, or smartphone screen, or steering wheel, or anything else.

And there you have it. If you've been wondering why guys use beard oil and if you should take the plunge, I'd say try some. I bet you'll want to try the Dry Oil next.